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Set up by Alex Curran in 2020 to give you all the opportunity to shop the whole of Montar's collection here in the UK!

Alex was introduced to the brand in 2017 at BETA when looking for new brands to introduce into her Dad's country store. After instantly falling in love with the designs and functionality Montar offered, the brand was immediately put into the shop!

"I was so happy to find Montar, finally a brand with fashionable designs and functionality to match. The breeches were super comfortable and I didn't have to rob someone for £300!"

Alex has always had horses for as long as she can remember and quickly got the jumping bug. However, coming from the average working class family and being addicted to a financially draining sport, sometimes it was hard to keep up. Growing into a teen Alex became more fashion conscious and with 'equestrian functional fashion' only just starting to creep into the horsey world, there was very little available on the market, but 'high end' brands...

"When I was a junior I use to make bets with my Dad... if I win this, or qualify for this, can I have this...? However luck was very rarely on my side and I remember at the end of 1 disappointing championship show he did treat me to a 'fancy' pair of breeches but this was because I fell off on the last day...! I think so many younger riders and parents can relate to this and this really showed when I took the collection to a couple of shows back in 2017. The kids were so excited to try on fashionable items which were also super comfortable followed by a YES from their parents without any betting or putting items away for Christmas!"

Montar has such a large range of products which now also includes their successful Horse Wear range and the new Junior range, plus a whole other brand, Rebel by Montar!

So here it is... welcome to House Of Montar UK, where you can shop all your favourite Montar products plus more!





At Montar, they take pride in creating a symbiosis of functionality, smart design and price. That means supplying equipment and clothing to quality-conscious riders who are not accustomed to compromise. At Montar they all think alike and do not compromise!

They follow the latest trends in the world of fashion and are constantly renewing their collection. Therefore, the products are always smart and trendy. Montar are also aware, however, about the requirements of active riders for their equipment. Consequently they focus equally on design, functionality, and safety.

Montar works with a number of hand-picked suppliers who produce the products to their strict quality standards. This is not reflected in the price, because at Montar they believe that high quality does not necessarily mean a high price. So you can expect to get a bit more for your money when you choose House of Montar!

When function & fashion unite!