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Materials & Functionalities

Montar work in close cooperation with their suppliers to develope some of their own materials with many functionalities. Read more about your favorite Montar products here!

Montar Yati

Specially developed for our Montar riding breeches. Montar believe that equestrian clothes must be comfortable and functional and still be fashionable. Therefore, they have strict requirements for the fabric used for their riding breeches. The Montar Yati fabric has been developed in a close cooperation between test riders, skilled suppliers and our design team, for meeting your demands. Yati is your guarantee for comfortable and durable riding breeches at a fair price!
  • Perfect combination of flexibility and firmness. A pair of Montar Yati breeches will give you excellent support while having the freedom to move while sitting in the saddle and during stable work. 
  • The smooth surface of the Yati fabric gives the breeches a beautiful look that reflects the high quality of the material.
  • The color of the fabric is extra long-lasting and keeps your breeches look new for much longer.
  • The Yati fabric is breathable, designed with moisture-wicking characteristics to keep your skin dry during training.
  • The Yati fabric is smooth and lets water drops "roll" over the fabric rather than being absorbed.

    Montar Soft-Tech 

    Montar have developed Soft-Tech for some of our riding breeches to combine the fashionable designs with other functional qualities such as...

    • UV 50+ and excellent abrasion resistance. The tightly woven fabric effectively blocks UV radiation. The Soft-Tech material is a great contribution to UV protection of your skin, when being outdoors.
    • Soft-Tech is an innovative quality material specially developed for sportswear. They are made of the best quality and perfect for a very active rider!
    • The Soft-Tech riding breeches are extremely durable and the breeches look new for a very long time due to the high quality of the fabric. 
    • They also have a great fit as they are incredibly soft, which allows the breeches to stretch and naturally follow the body's movements.
    Montar Soft Tech

        Mon-ShapeTight & Mon-SoftTight

        Specially developed for our Montar tights and the training & competition shirts for the sporty rider!

        Mon-Shape - Montar have developed their own Mon-ShapeTight in order to give you technical fabric with perfect shape and support with a sporty look. It is a breathable and strong fabric perfect for the active rider who wants to remain comfortable. Match all Mon-ShapeTight shirts and tights for the perfect outfit! (This fabric has the same functionalities as Mon-SoftTight but is thinner.)

        Mon-Soft - Gives you a very soft and sporty fabric with perfect support and fit. It is a breathable and strong fabric perfect for the active rider who wishes to remain comfortable. Match all Mon-SoftTight shirts and tights for the perfect training outfit! (This fabric has the same functionalities as Mon-ShapeTight but is softer and a bit more thicker.)


        Montar Softshell

        Specially developed for our Montar jackets and winter riding breeches. We have selected Softshell for our winter riding breeches and jackets to combine our fashionable designs with functional qualities such as...

        • Windproof
        • Water repellent
        • Teddy fleece inside breeches for warmth. 
        • Moisture-Wicking
        • Lightweight
        • Flexibility & Support

        Softshell is your guarantee for high-quality riding breeches and lightweight jackets when you need something warmer whilst being active!

        Montar Softshell



        Specially developed for the Montar competition shirts!  

        Mon-Tech combines fashionable designs with functional qualities such as breathable 4-way stretch with good shape retention. They have a great fit as they have a great bounce-back, which allows the shirts to stretch and naturally follow the body's movements without losing the fit.

        Mon-Tech is a quality material specially developed for sportswear shirts. The material transports moisture and heat from the body without cooling. The breathable material keeps the skin dry and
        gives a comfortable feeling.

        Montar Tech Shirts


        Organic Tanned Montar Leather

        The leather is tanned naturally by plant enzymes instead of chemicals (chrome).

        The vegetarian tanning process is a long process done with oil and extract/juice of bark, plants, branches, roots, and seeds. Bark and roots containing tannin (tannic acid) are the emollient for vegetable tanning. Tanning with plants is extremely in-depth and up to 80% of the tannic acid is absorbed into the leather, thus leaving little surplus material - what is in excess is even 100% biodegradable. Vegetable-tanned is generally very durable compared to leather tanned with chemicals and very environmental friendly. One of the best features in organically tanned leather is the reduced risk of skin irritation and allergies. Feel the difference!


        Sustans™ filler with DuPont™ Sarona®

        Sustans™ filler with DuPont™ Sarona® is used as lining in the outdoor jackets to keep you warm without the use of animals!

        Sustans™ filler is the first high-tech bio-based heat retention material. DuPont™ Sorona® is made in part with annually renewable plant-based ingredients. DuPont™ Sorona® is a perfect example of the latest in biotechnology and fiber innovation. 37% of the polymer is made using annually renewable plant-based ingredients. The revolutionary Bio-PDO compound turns a formerly chemical process into an eco-efficient biological one. Read more.

        Sustans™ filler with DuPont™ Sarona® has outstanding fluffy warmth retention, high resilience, and a hand-feel close to natural down which makes its use convenient and flexible in application. Great recovery and easy-care wrinkle resistance. Lightweight, extremely soft and very warm. The filling will not clump during washing.