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Leather Care Instructions


Recommended Cleaning Products

- Amerigo Soft Oil
(To moisturise particularly when new & after 8-12weeks)
- Amerigo Soft Care
(A cleaner combined with a moisturiser, perfect for daily use)
- Amerigo Grease
(An intensely moisturising grease which is also water-repellent for intensive treatment... Smells great too!)
- Prestige Leather Balsam
(Hydrates, protects from water, revitalises colours, gives greater grip & neutralises the harmful action of perspiration against the leather.)

DO NOT clean the leather with products containing solvents or glycerin soap, as these substances will cause damage! The above products are all made from natural ingredients, designed to care for Organically tanned leathers. Invested in beautiful leather? Invest in your leather care products!

Before Use
We recommend that you protect your new leather product with oil before using it for the first time. If you ordered a bridle take out all the straps from the keepers and separate it from the reins. Then allow the leather to absorb the care product - preferably overnight - before using it.

(Alex recommends the Amerigo Soft oil to feed your new bridle, followed by the Amerigo Grease to protect it from everyday life... like the weather, dirt and sweat!)


After daily training

Leather's biggest enemy is sweat. Sweat has a high content of salt, which dries the leather and makes it stiff. Stiff leather is not comfortable for the horse and it increases the risk of cracks in the leather that can irritate and gnaw the horse's delicate skin. It is therefore important to clean the leather products after they have been exposed to sweat.

After daily training, we recommend using a combined cleaning and maintenance product. Make sure your bridle is never damp when you leave it after training.

(Alex recommends the Amerigo Soft Care for daily cleaning.)



In addition to daily cleaning, the leather products must undergo a more thorough cleaning every few weeks, depending on how dirty the leather is.

When cleaning, all leather parts must be separated and thoroughly cleaned with a damp soft sponge, use warm water to easily wipe off any dirt. Never use stiff sponges or tools that can scratch the surface of the leather, and never let the leather soak. Difficult parts of the bridle around the bit and buckles are easy to clean with a soft toothbrush. 

When the leather is dry, apply grease, conditioner or oil to all leather parts. Let the leather absorb the care product before reassembling bridle and reins.

(Alex recommends applying the Amerigo Oil every 8-12 weeks if the leather is looking dull and thirsty. This will help maintain the suppleness of the leather, followed by Amerigo soft Grease or the Prestige Leather Balsam!)


Special Care For Browbands With Stones

To keep your Montar browbands nice and shiny, it is important that you do not expose them to sharp objects that may scratch the stones or the decoration. Leather soap and grease must not be used on stones and sockets, only the leather. Instead, use a soft cloth and gently brush away the dust. Make sure that the cloth does not get stuck and pull on the metal sockets!